April 11, 2011

Ghetto Earl Grey Latte

It is raining outside. Cold chill-ya-to-the-bone early spring rain. I am wearing two pairs of yoga pants and I have spent the majority of the evening under a blanket.

Today one of my coworkers came back to the office from her lunch break with an Earl Grey Latte. Mmmm it smelled good. Love the bergamot. Can't stop thinking about it.

So off I go to boil the kettle. Go ahead and try this if you want, I make no promises on the authenticity of the flavour, but I liked it.

To make your own, grab your favourite travel mug (keeps drink warm longer than just a regular mug!)

Heat some milk (lactose free skim here), add in a little bit of Splenda to sweeten slightly and use a drink frother (get yours at Stokes, Walmart, etc) to amp up the volume!!

Put your teabag in the mug... (sorry mom)

Add piping hot boiled water...

Let brew for about 5 minutes, remove teabag. Give the contents a good mixing with the frother.

(yes I forgot to take the teabag out for the picture, but look how pretty this drink is!)

Put cover on mug, crawl back under blanket on couch and hug the mug tight your chest while trying to warm up.

It's sorta ghetto, but it was really yummy and it helped to warm me up!

PS - I hope the next time I post my kitchen cupboards, they are either being torn out, or the new ones will be in place. Yes, we're planning a kitchen renovation. Lord help us.



  1. The Earl Grey Tea Latte always hits the spot for me! I am glad that my beverage (non) purchase could inspire, and thank you for helping me with my math skills!

  2. Bag IN the cup!? I'm aghast.... and smirking at the same time. ILYM


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