April 26, 2015

Making the Cut: Donating my Hair

About a year ago, I decided that my long/healthy/uncoloured hair would be destined for donation to make a wig for someone who needed it this spring. So I let it grow. I conditioned it. I combed it gently.

A few weeks ago, I booked my appointment for the big cut.

Then last week, a cancer diagnosis that hit far too close to home solidified my resolve. I was donating my hair so that someone's mother/sister/daughter/friend could have the chance to feel beautiful.

And yesterday, the big cut happened! I'm loving my new short locks!

If you think you might be interested in donating your hair, please check out the Pantene Beautiful Lengths donation requirements, and get growing!

Before... such long hair! It measured to be about 3 inches above my waist. I'm sure I will miss it, but I am so pleased with cutting it and giving it for donation!

The hair all sectioned into ponytails, all set to cut! Once the hairdresser had it sectioned, she made sure I was ready for the big change :) Then they were gone!

My new short haircut! I keep reaching back to move my hair out of the way (because it seemed it was always in the way for some reason) but there's nothing there! Phantom hair!

I've been asked if I'm planning on putting colour in it now, and I think I will, but one new thing at a time. For years I had my hair coloured blonde, and I really liked it blonde (my mom particularly liked it blonde) so I may go that route again with highlights. For now though, I'll just adjust to my lack of ponytails and braids!

Hair cut happened at Life Salon Spa in Dartmouth Crossing by the talented Kelly Scallion.

Donation made to Pantene Beautiful Lengths in Canada

And please, please PLEASE check yourself for any changes in your breast health, and if you do happen to discover something unusual, go see your doctor. And do NOT avoid getting a mammogram because you've heard they are horrific. Yes, it's uncomfortable but it's over with quickly and isn't your health and your life worth it?

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has lots of info on how you can support your community.

April 19, 2015

I am a Runner because I Run

Super cute necklace from Etsy
A little over a year ago, an awesome friend convinced me to try running with her, despite my misgivings and repeated whining of "I don't run". And I enjoyed myself. It was challenging and sweaty, but I felt accomplished.

So I kept running. I signed up for my first race with my friend. The night before we ran, she texted me and said she was fighting a nasty cold and since she was flying to Europe for vacation the day after the scheduled run, she was going to put her health in first place and bow out of the run. So there I was by myself with no encouraging voice beside me, a little bit terrified but also encouraged. Some people just looked "fast". But there were ordinary looking folk too. People stretching, laughing, and checking watches.

I figured once the signal went to start, I'd leap around the race route like a fawn in the woods and follow the pack till it was all over with. My mantra was "someone's gotta come in last". But it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. I didn't come in last, and my finish time was respectable for a newbie. I've since done a few other timed races, always hoping to beat my own personal best time. Uplifted when I do, bummed when I don't. Some runs feel easy, while others are a struggle from start to finish.

I read this great piece tonight, and it seemed like something I needed to share to remind myself that I so long as I do my best given my capabilities and how I've trained, I should feel accomplished. I'm not fast. I'm not elite. But I put my feet to the pavement and go. I am a runner because I run.