March 17, 2011

I'm Back / Sorry for disappearing / Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey… remember me? I totally used to blog here. Then I got really busy, then I got really sick (exhausted, weak, yadda yadda yadda), then I got better but was busy again. And now here I am. Blogging with my tail between my legs. Metaphorically that is. I haven’t a tail of my own, praise Jebus.

I have a bunch of posts bopping around in my head, but I have yet to put fingers to keyboard to get them out so here I sit with a head full of fun and possibly useless posts. I know, I gotta get to it. And I will! Tonight I have a Skype date with my sister on the other side of the country, but I also plan on putting together a post about my awesome banana bread that I made the other day and you all need to know about.

Also, I want to thank my friends and followers who emailed/texted/called me to make sure I was okay since there haven’t been any posts since Feb. 27; I truly appreciate the concern and hope to not have another lull like this again.

Until the next post (and since it IS St. Patrick’s Day and I am proud of my Irish heritage), Slainté!

I debated wearing this to work today,
then decided to just go with a green sweater and save this for after work-hours!


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