March 28, 2011

The only bad thing about carrot cake is the name

To me, there is nothing more mouth-wateringly perfect than a piece (cough*manypieces*cough) of moist carrot cake with cream cheese icing. No nuts if-you-please. I adore carrot cake to the point where it was the flavour I chose for the bottom tier of my wedding cake (I’ll talk about that brilliant creation someday). Some people turn their noses up at it. I don’t understand those people. Carrot cake (despite its healthy sounding moniker) is a rich and decadent dessert that is the perfect balance of sweet and spice.

Today, we are celebrating the birthdays of two coworkers in my department with an incredible carrot cake made by another coworker. She is a gifted baker and we all love when she brings in a container of treats to share. Actually, she and I work in a department with six guys so the second there is something homemade put out to share its like throwing bread at pigeons. Their heads cock to the side and they scuttle over to grab up a piece. Of course I’m talking about birds here, not the guys… right?

Sweet little pieces of carrot cake heaven

At any rate, I have already nommed one piece of the carrot cake, but the rest of it is sitting on the desk behind me and I swear it was made with gravitational pull (or crack) because I can’t stop thinking about it and when someone walks by, I can smell it. I am jonesing for another piece however my wobbly-bits do NOT need any more insulation so I am trying to restrain myself. At the very least, wait a bit longer so I don’t embarrass myself.

Hmm… I think enough time has passed. Now excuse me while I take my carb-loving, ever-growing behind over to the remaining cake and bask in its awesomeness before I gobble down another piece.

PS – Happy Birthday Scott & Chris!


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