March 30, 2013

6k on Good Friday

Yesterday dawned bright and clear, if not a bit cold. Mother Nature sure is making Nova Scotia wait for spring this year! With all shops and whatnot closed for the day (holiday observance) HOTGI and I had no real plans. I put the bug in his ear as soon as he was up for the day that I'd like to take the dog for a walk somewhere, preferably a place where we could let him off-leash to run his little heart out.

Just after lunch, we got a call from friends who were taking their dog for a walk thru a place we used to run years ago as an off-roading trail, so we decided to join them. The spring thaw has left much of the ground a soggy mess, so waterproof boots were the name of the game!

It was a gorgeous day for a walk in nature, and the dogs had a great time! I am still recovering from a cold, so my energy/lung capacity was kinda crappy but I was glad to get out and DO something. I hope the physical exertion helps my body get rid of any lingering sickness!

Only a few pictures were taken, and no I am not in any of them, but here is our little group on the walk. The crest of the hill in the far distance... that's where we walked to. By the time we got there, I waved the white flag. I knew that we had to walk back, and there was no way I'd make it much farther beyond! I am really grateful for the fresh air and the walk with friends though!


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