March 10, 2013

Simply Sweet Cinnamon Roll Waffles

It's time change weekend... spring ahead and such. My friends with children really find this time change hard, but not having offspring or any schedule to keep this Sunday morning, it really doesn't phase me. I wake up whenever my dog or my bladder decides it is time!

This morning I was laying in bed and thinking about breakfast, when I decided to make a sweet special treat for HOTGI and I to share... cinnamon roll waffles!!

This is hardly a new idea, it's been all over the internet for ages, but it was my first time trying it. All you need is a waffle iron and a tube of pre-made cinnamon rolls. I mean, you're more than welcome to make your own cinnamon rolls, make them up and toss them in your waffle iron but I don't have that kind of motivation on a Sunday morning.

Just unwrap the package (I hate the anticipation waiting for the *pop* opening those things!) and place the little rolls on your pre-heated waffle iron that you sprayed with non-stick spray (I use Pam for baking).

Now, just close the lid and give it a gentle squeeze shut!

Now all you have to do it stand there and inhale the sweet, sweet cinnamon aroma and wait for them to be done! My waffle iron has a sensor/timer dealie that gives a beep when the waffle is done, but I checked these ones with a fork as well...

Perfect! Crispy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside!! Now, just put them, on a plate and drizzle with the icing that comes in the package (I microwave it for about 15 seconds to make it pourable).

Enoy while warm with your favourite breakfast beverage of choice. This morning I ground some Starbucks French Roast beans for coffee for HOTGI and made a cup of Tetley tea for me!

It's such a simple, sweet and yummy breakfast treat... go try it!

And since it's time change weekend, make sure you change your clocks AND the batteries in your smoke detectors!


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