March 15, 2015

Make-ahead Breakfast Bowls

I stopped eating cold cereal on a regular basis about a year and a half ago. I have discovered that taking the time in a work morning to make a more robust, warm breakfast made it easier to feel fuller and satisfied. And really, a proper meal is almost always a good thing.

But there are some many mornings where I end up wrapping up my typical breakfast sandwich (egg, sliced cheddar and spinach on flat-bread type bun) and taking it with me for the trip in to work - eating in the passenger seat, not driving! But was there a way to make the mornings just that much easier? Sure, why not?

Make ahead breakfast bowls are an easy way to eat a healthy warm breakfast while on a tight morning timeline!

Each bowl contains about 1 cup of seasoned and pan-fried frozen hash browns, one scrambled egg, some broccoli florets, finely shredded cheddar cheese and one slice of (sadly overcooked) bacon. A couple teaspoons of chia seeds sprinkled over each serving will complete the bowls.

The three in the clear glass blows will be put into the fridge for breakfasts this week (the other two work days I'll likely have oatmeal, or my old standby the breakfast sandwich). The two in the white bowls will be frozen for future breakfasts.

Do you enjoy a skillet type breakfast, a hearty oatmeal, or are you still dedicated to your cold cereal?


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