March 19, 2014

Overdue update aka. Dude, do you even blog?

I think about writing blog posts all the time. I make something in the kitchen and thing “ahh I should totally share this recipe”. Or I share something and someone asks for the recipe and I think “I should put that on my blog”. Only it never happens. I start drafting what I want to write in my head, and sometimes I even make notes, but that is as far as it goes. Why? No reason really, other than life getting in the way which is my reality, but a terrible excuse.

So what’s new? Well, we moved! We had said we’d be in the old house for 5 years and then move on, but we were there 7 years since we liked the place. We left a nice little semi-detached house on teeny lot on a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice suburban neighbourhood and moved into the dream home, a three-dormer Cape Cod on a little over an acre in a very quiet rural subdivision in a small town on the outskirts of our municipality. Some people have been critical that we are two people (and dog and cat) moving into a larger home, and what could we possibly want all that room for. Well, we love this home and every day we love it a little bit more. The naysayers and negative people are not welcome… we are responsible adults who made a grown-up choice, and we are happy with it.

Home Sweet Home!

We moved in just before the beginning of winter (such a long, cold winter this year!) so we’ve enjoyed the tractor with snowblower for moving the snow and the animals have enjoyed exploring the yard as well as the visiting wildlife. So far we’ve seen lots of songbirds, a pheasant and as of last weekend a family of deer!

We live closer to some great friends and have taken advantage of this and we get together regularly for dinner at each other’s houses. One of the couples hunt and this winter I have had venison shanks and rabbit confit. Both were delicious, and it’s nice trying new things… especially with a bottle of wine (or three!).

Venison shanks!

He-of-the-good-ideas joined our local volunteer fire department and absolutely loves being a part of it. He responds to every call that comes through his pager when we are home and has helped out around the fire hall when something needs to be done. I am very proud of him! He came home from the weekly meeting at the hall last night with a department uniform (my hubby in a uniform? Mee-ow!). It needs to be laundered and he said something about ironing… I hope the laundry fairy is going to do it for him!

My volunteer firefighter <3 

Back in January I had sort of a personal awakening regarding my health and have been making some lifestyle changes. Basically I am trying eat as “clean” as possible (but I’m not perfect by any means) and increased my activity level tenfold. I take a Zumba class (love!) an Aqua Zumba class (love!), and I am taking in some yoga classes both at a gym in my new town plus some classes in my favourite studio in my old town. I started P90X3 but since I am involved in other stuff I am not doing it every single day. I also signed myself up for a 5km women’s road race in June. The last time I tried to be a runner it was a miserable experience that always resulted in very sore knees and I always felt more exhausted than exhilarated. Turns out trying to keep up with seasoned runners and not starting at a pace for a beginner is bad. And discouraging. This time I am actually training for something specific and while I know I can’t run the whole time, I will be out there with my sneakers on, giving it my best shot! Bonus points for having an awesome runner friend who is encouraging and helpful and a huge inspiration.

I am planning on putting in a vegetable garden this spring, so keep watch for sprouting plants and hopefully a bountiful harvest!

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and even though sub-zero temps and snow are in the forecast, I am hopeful to be outside in just my shirtsleeves before too long!

Winter`s been fun, but how about some spring weather

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