May 28, 2015

Dear Cancer: EFF YOU

I have been looking forward to making this post...

A month ago today, my mother underwent surgery to have invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer) removed.

From the moment she found out a breast biopsy came back positive for cancer, we met an incredible collection of doctors, nurses and other professionals who are incredibly supportive and wonderful in dealing with the care and treatment of a breast cancer patient.

A mere week after meeting her surgeon at the incredible IWK Health Centre, mom had surgery to remove a tumour and some lymph nodes.Today we went back for the follow-up. I was there as her support system just in case (God forbid) the news wasn't what we were hoping for. But today we received good GREAT news... the surgery removed all the cancer. WOO-FREAKING-HOO!!!!

My family is blessed to have such a genuine, caring, compassionate group of people in our lives. My own circle of friends have been such a bolster when I needed to share, and I am grateful for each and every kind word and hug that has been offered. Thank you.

And the friends in my mother's life are bar-none the best, and I am personally thankful for each and every one of them. From calling or dropping by to sit with her and talking about her current situation, to bringing her flowers/food/visits after her surgery, she has been surrounded by such love. The heartfelt outpouring of goodwill makes my heart swell. Thank you so, so much.

My mom's road to recovery is ongoing, and an upcoming appointment with a radiation oncologist will determine her future treatments, but I have two cousins who work as radiation therapists in the hospital where mom will be receiving treatment and I am confident she will be in incredibly good hands.

Me and my mom Valerie - Mother's Day 2015

Nine days from now, my mom and I are participating in the Sole Sisters Women's Race, and this year we will have such reason to celebrate!

And as always... make sure you take the time to check your own breasts for any changes or abnormalities and if you should find something concerning, talk to your doctor!

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  1. It is at times like this, when Life jumps up and gives you a good hard smack, that you truly discover who you are, what you're made of and who genuinely cares. Gosh, have I ever learned a LOT in the past three months. Beth you've been on the tight-rope with me every step of the way... and that makes each step easier for me. Thank you seems to ring hollow in expressing how I truly feel. The best I can say right now is I Love You More every day. xo Mom


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