May 31, 2015

Two-fer Weekend: 5k on Saturday & 5k on Sunday

This was a busy weekend!

Saturday morning I ran a 5km race with 4 of my best girlfriends (wish you were there with us Angie!)

Karen & Cindy (first 5km race for both of them!), Corinne, Shauna and me!

This was the very first race I ran last year. This year was no personal best time, but I had fun (and I was faster than my time last year, so that kinda counts).

I kinda love the day-glo yellow shirts... they were ideal on an overcast morning!

Some of the girls from my Crossfit boot camp did the run as well! (for info on Crossfit training in East Hants, NS check out Core to Extremity Fitness!)

Me, Emily (it was her first 5km race!), Kristi and Jennifer

I'm so proud of all of us! We train and complain (okay, *I* complain) together but we are all working on bettering ourselves and our health so every achievement should be celebrated!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Then Sunday morning I participated in an event called the IWK 5km Run in Memory of Jessica which is a fundraiser event where the monies raised goes toward the local children's hospital and helps babies and children in critical care.

This weekend, the annual fundraising telethon for the hospital took place and it was a banner year! I'm so glad I got to be a part of it! This year, the run raised $38,675 which formed part of the $6,270,346.07 total raised for 2015!!!

My cheering section was there to support me this morning... best mom ever!

The start of the race! I actually had a new personal achievement this morning even if it wasn't a personal best time overall. This morning I ran consistently without walking for a full half hour, one of these days I will finish the full 5k race in that half hour!

Seeing that finish line is such a motivator! I ended up running with a former coworker for a while near the end and when I said I saw my mom at the finish line she said "sprint for the finish!" and I took off! I'm so glad she was there to give me that final push. The picture my mom got of me in a sprint is one of my favourites...

Fully airborne!
Two weekends ago, I managed to give both ankles a lateral sprain and the left one is recovering quicker but both are pretty sore. When I finished running this morning I sat down and took my right shoe and sock off to asses the soreness... at which point a St. John Ambulance volunteer came over to check on me. She kindly scolded me for running and told me to go home and ice my ankles... I've been re-freezing some peas this afternoon :P

Mmmm peas...
I don't have a lot on the go this week, so I plan to rest the ankles as much as possible!

No pain, no gain right?!


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