September 21, 2016

Hey-O Physio (my first adventure in acupuncture)

Tonight I had my first physiotherapy appointment with therapist Sally at ProTX in my community. She is a one-woman force of nature... I can't imagine not adoring her. She made me feel immediately comfortable and I trusted her instantly.

She and I discussed my concerns, evaluated my condition and she performed some tests on me. Coles Notes: I have far more weakness than I expected, and my kneecap doesn't "float" along the plane that is most natural, but since I'm seeking the help of professionals, I am on the right track!

After a bit, Sally says "okay, so we're going to try some acupuncture".

Um... needles?

Yup, needles.

In my knees.

My knees have feelers!

I told Sally I was going to blog about my treatment, and she offered to take my picture... of course I said yes! Ha ha!

If you look closely, you can see the acupuncture needles in my knees

I'm not sure what I expected from acupuncture, but it 100% did NOT hurt. In fact, I couldn't even feel the needles go into my legs.

Then, I was moved to a new treatment area where I had my left knee hooked up to an IFC (Interferential Current) machine and an ice pack was applied. Back when I last had physio in the mid-90's I used a TENS machine which seemed similar, but technology has definitely improved!

All wired up!

I took a video too, that I sent to my sister... she said she couldn't watch to the end because she doesn't like the muscle jumping. My foot was twitching pretty crazy too... I couldn't help but laugh!

Anyhow, I'm home tonight with a gel-bead cold pack perched on my knee, watching some recorded TV shows. Kevin said I was limping slightly when I got home, but I just thought my knee felt "funny". I am going back to see Sally twice next week, and I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow evening.

Onward and upward!!

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