September 6, 2011

Me vs. the Ironing Pile

When I empty the clean laundry out of the basket on laundry day, there is often one or two things that end up in a basket that has been designated as the spot for any clothes that need to be pressed or repaired. Ordinarily, I get to it every few weeks or so but as it has been summer and we've been camping on the weekends, the pile has been sorely neglected.

How neglected? When I unpacked my summer clothes way back in June, I washed everything and set some too-wrinkled-to-wear things aside for ironing. This included some warm weather only skirts and tops and two pairs of white cropped pants and a pair of white walking shorts. I love the white, but it is ingrained in my head that you don't wear white after Labour Day.

So today, my vacation is over, the weather is rainy and gloomy and overall a good night to get the ironing done. The white bottoms are all set to be packed away again for next summer but everything else is freshly pressed and ready to make an appearance in my daily wardrobe.

Oh, and I had a helper. Don't you like how nicely he accents a freshly pressed skirt? Sigh.


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