September 2, 2011

Ho-hum Curry Chicken and Gigantic Donair Nachos

Wednesday night was Tavern Night for the Jeep Club folks and even though the turnout was relatively small, we had a great time. For those who live in Nova Scotia and want to meet other Jeep enthusiasts, come join Tavern Night! It is (almost) always the last Wednesday of the month at a pre-determined pub/tavern in the greater Halifax area. For info on how to join us, surf on over to the Nova Scotia Jeep Club forum, sign up and look for info on Jeep events (social and offroading)!

He-of-the-good-ideas and I checked out the menu of the place where Tavern Night was held for August ahead of time so we knew what we wanted before we got there. I have a weakness for curry, and the menu made the Curry Chicken sound outstanding so I ordered it. B.L.A.H. Such a disappointing meal! But it sure looked pretty with the tri-coloured penne and all!

Don't be fooled, I look tasty but my flavour will bore you to tears

Meanwhile, across the table from where I was chowing down on the most bland curry dish to come out of a kitchen, my friend Craig had an ENORMOUS plate of donair nachos. If you're not from the region, you likely are unfamiliar with the glory of the donair. Some folks liken them to a gyro, but in reality there is nothing as exquisite and guilty about devouring a good Halifax donair (in my humble opinion). So anyway, this mile-high nacho platter arrives and all of us are gobstruck at the sheer amount of food on on plate platter! We all helped out a bit and by the time the waitress cleared away dishes there was virtually nothing left! Go Craig!

It is a good thing he said aloud "I like meat" just as it arrived

And if you're saying to yourself "yo, that ain't no donair meat" let me assure you,
it may have looked like ground beef but it tasted like 2am at Pizza Corner (another local thing)

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