November 19, 2011

Flexing my Creative Muscle {making Christmas gifts}

I am fortunate to have a great group of friends who - though we are spread across the country - are closer than some who see each other all the time. We decided a number of years ago to do some fun exchanges a couple times a year (usually Christmas and in the spring) and have names drawn and kept secret until the gifts were recieved. This year for Christmas, we decided on a more modest budget for each other so I expect there will be some creative ladies sending some lovely packages.

As for the friend whose name I drew... she will be getting some awesome (in my opinion) handmade/heartmade things along with some baking. I hope she loves what I send her! I had the Cricut set up last night, cutting out some paper with a cartridge borrowed from a mega-crafty friend and flexing my creative muscle for part of her present!

Oooooh what's it gonna be??! :)

Now I need to decide what to bake and send...


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