November 8, 2011

So, do you think you know Movember?

I've been seeing and hearing lots lately about Movember. I have no co-workers participating (that I know of) however I see people all over Facebook taking up the cause, and growing shadows on their upper lips. Some will become flourishing lip ticklers, some will sadly remain in the "crustache" stage. I give props to all those men who take part, and fundraise for a wonderful cause. Some of these men look dashing with newly mustachioed faces, others... well I look forward to December 1st.

Want to learn more about Movember and be entertained by local musician (not singing in the video) and HOTGI's schoolmate Charlie A'Court?

Read up on the risks of prostate cancer and how you can help all men in your life make sure they aren't made a statistic. Getting checked might not be a brilliant good time, but it could mean the difference between a long life with loved ones, or an unfortunately premature demise. Be educated, do youself and the people in your life a favor. Thank you.


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