November 10, 2011

I've been shot!

Okay, so it was the flu shot and I'm being dramatic. But I have a bandaid over the injection site and my right arm feels like it weighs 50lbs.

Are you planning on getting a flu shot this season? Some folks are really passionate about getting the vaccine, or not (as it were).

I used to think it was all hooey but the last 2 years I've had the flu shot and not been sick with the flu, but I used to always get knocked out for at least a week in the winter with a nasty plague-esque flu before I started getting the inoculation.

I also work closely with a guy who has a compromised immune system (thanks to necessary but immunosuppressant meds), so if me getting a flu shot helps keep the nastyness that can really hurt him at bay, it is worth it. And with me having surgery in February, I figure I am only doing good for myself by getting a flu shot.

Besides, my company has a nurse come into our office to administer the injections, so it really couldn't be easier. If we didn't have someone come in, who knows if I'd have even started getting the flu shot!


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  1. I've been getting the flu shot since I started teaching (all those bugs at school), and got this years on Wednesday at my pre-natal appointment. My arm is still a bit sore today.


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