December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve is Here Again

The shopping has been finished and wrapped and under the tree for almost a week. I am taking lots of time to sit and enjoy evenings with HOTGI and the animals. Today is Christmas Eve, and it feels damn good to be finished everthing.

He-of-the-Good-Ideas went out earlier "for a drive". Uh huh. A drive. When he got home though, I disappeared upstairs so I didn't see what he was bringing in (I hate spoiling a surprise!) and I have since been banished upstairs so he can go all elf-tastic with the wrapping paper.

Tomorrow morning we'll get up, open the stockings that Santa left and drive to HOTGI's hometown for Christmas Day with his family at his sister's house. I am really looking forward to witnessing Christmas morning for our niece and nephew this year!

Monday, we are hosting my mom, grandma, dad and stepmum for Christmas at our house. We have a Butterball for the oven and a cupboard full of Christmas Cheer and I am super excited. I can't wait to set the table and set out the place cards I made!

I am so glad I am relaxed enough to enjoy everything about the Christmas Season this year.

Let me share you with something that warms my heart:

Happy Christmas to all of you. For those of you that follow my blog, thank you. I appreciate your comments and love to hear feedback for what I am posting. This first year of having a blog has been great for me. I've loved sharing with my readers some things I have cooked and crafted, and I find now when I create something I feel as though I should have a camera at the ready!

There will be another turkey soup made soon and I plan on updating my turkey soup recipe with pictures! Look for some other turkey leftover ideas too!


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