December 31, 2011

{T'was the week after Christmas...} Just Relax a Little

One of the Cricut-assisted creations I made to decorate my home this Holiday Season!

T’was the week after Christmas
and all through the dwelling
All the creatures were doing
something they found compelling
Dad drove F1 cars
Mom surfed and repinned
While the animals lounged happily
and if they could have, they’d have grinned
It’s nice to relax
Sit and enjoy one another
Too soon we’re headed back to work
And vacation memories fade darker
So enjoy the here and now
embrace the piles and the clutter
Housework can wait a bit
there’s something to eat smothered in butter...
The New Year is coming
all shiny and fresh
And we're crossing our fingers
that it is bringing us the best!

Hope you've been enjoying spending time with those you love, and sometimes barely tolerate :)
Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!!


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