February 1, 2012

Seriously, where the eff have I been?

I have so many ideas for blog posts. So many pictures I think about taking. Sadly, I'm doing any of it. But really, I'm not *just* being a slacker (but lets face it, I'm a bit of a slacker), there has been a lot on the go/on my mind.

In two days time, I am having jaw surgery. I am scared but prepared. I'm not worried about the actual surgery per se, since I trust my surgeon fully. But I am fiercely anxious about the recovery. With the surgery just a couple days away and one day of work left before I'm off recovering for 4 weeks, there have been a lot of questions. Here are answers to some of them...

- I'll have my jaws tightly bound together for 2 weeks, then looser elastics binding my jaws together for the following 2-4 weeks. The looser bands will allow me to open my jaws just slightly

- I'm not as concerned about pain as much as I am about nausea/vomiting. In the event it does happen though, I will have scissors to cut my elastics

- I will NOT be allowed to use a straw since I'll have a mouth full of stitches. At the very beginning I will be getting my nutrition through thin liquids administered through a syringe or what I can tolerate going through the spaces between my teeth

- I will be staying in the hospital for about 3 days. The pain meds they give are Dilaudid (yep, I asked on my pre-op day) at the beginning, then liquid Advil and liquid Tylenol

- I do have a stash of high protien Boost in my kitchen, but I don't plan on relying on it for my nutrition. I have many other smoothie-options I plan on trying

- Yep, I expect I will get kinda shack-wacky near the end of my recovery time, but I have a bunch of books and movies to keep my occupied and I am hopeful I have lots of visitors, and hope they are okay if I don't say very much!

So yeah, that's what's up. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them!

I am going to have my laptop in the hospital, and while I really don't know that I'll have anything really relevant to contribute to this blog, I will be updating my other blog that has chronicled my journey through braces and jaw surgery. Feel free to visit me over there if you think you might be up for it! And yes, the name is "Oral Fixation" but no, there is nothing naughty over there!

I promise to reclaim this blog and post creative and delicious ideas again soon!


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  1. Take it easy, Beth.... My cousin just went through the jaw surgery too... The surgery, Dar said was nothing, but the recovery was painful.... Have ice paks on hand.... Most importantly REST!!!! Follow the surgeons instructions, and things should be fine!!
    Lisa c


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