August 24, 2011

The Canadian Political Landscape is a Little Less Orange

On Monday August 22nd, cancer claimed the life of NDP party leader Jack Layton who passed away at the age of 61. It seems evident - at least among my generation - that this man did more than just lead a national political party. Jack Layton was an incredible and passionate man that inspired and motivated Canadians in some way, regardless of loyalties and party lines.

This touching image is by cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon:

And while I'm at it, please enjoy some lighthearted Jack Layton moments as offered by the comically creative folks over at This Hour Has 22 Minutes...

Rest in Peace Jack. There will never be another like you. Your charm, compassion, empathy and enthusiasm will be missed.

He is being honoured with a state funeral on Saturday August 27th in Toronto, Ontario.
To read the moving letter Jack Layton wrote to Canadians just before his passing, click here.


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