August 30, 2011

Welcome to 31

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. Thirty-one feels much like thirty. Funny thing.

After supper at Boston Pizza (my order: crispy chicken pecan salad, without the pecans) with my mom, dad, stepmom and awesome couple-friends, we came back to the house for cake. My birthday cake was a strawberry shortcake cake made by a local supermarket bakery, SO good!

The day was hot and sunny and wonderful. For a midday adventure, HOTGI and I took a trip over to the curling rink where he is a member (honestly, I can't believe we were on the ice in August!!) and spent a little while throwing rocks. Everything he threw, I tried to copycat. I think I did okay and it felt great to have my feet on the ice. Even better was leaving the rink in shorts and sandals!

I want to offer great big thank-yous to all the wonderful people who sent me messages today wishing me well on my birthday. It means a great deal to read the kind words of people who care. I felt like a very special Beth.

HOTGI and I are still on vacation and the weather forecast couldn't be nicer so I look forward to logging some relaxation time in the backyard!


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