August 28, 2011

Reckless Relaxation

With the threat of Hurricane Irene on the horizon, we debated our decision to go camping for the weekend. We concluded that the predicted path of the hurricane (now finally blowing through our part of the province as a tropical storm) wasn't going to bother our plans so Friday we packed up and headed to the beautiful Annapolis Valley for our camping trip. My dad and stepmom came with us so they could experience what we do every weekend in the summer.

Friday night came around and there were no other campers in the campground. As in... no.other.people. It was so strange! There were a few seasonal campers up in their designated section, but the sites that you can rent by the night were totally vacant! Saturday night rolled around and it was the same story!! It seems that the hurricane forecast kept everyone else at home! As bizarre as it was, it was perfect!

Our little corner of the countryside for the weekend

A view of the river that meanders around the campground (so nice for wading at the beach-ey spot!)

By the end of the weekend, in addition to many empty cans of beer and vodka coolers, there were approximately 7 empty bottles of this lovely wine... oh my!

There were some cut-throat games of washer toss and the freshly painted washers left some crazy marks on the boxes!

My dad and stepmom took a drive through the town near the camprgound and came across a farm stand selling all sorts of wonderful fresh produce. They got some green & yellow beans for our supper that night and a huge bag of fresh peas! When I was a kid on summer road trips with my dad, we used to get a huge bag of  fresh peas and share them as we travelled. We made quick work of these fresh and delicious locally grown peas!

I can't say enough how much I needed a weekend like the one I just had. Peace, quiet, family... and some Schnoodle kisses

I don't know what the rest of my camping weekends this season will bring, but I am glad to have had the weekend we just had! Laughter, campfires, family, sunshine, water and no hurricane weather - it couldn't have been more perfect!


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