May 19, 2011

Fifteen two, fifteen four

Do you play cribbage?

I do, though not like a seasoned veteran even though I learned to play it very young. Some people take it VERY seriously. I do not. I struggle with with math. Always have. Even simple math. Especially under pressure. Cribbage with a serious player is too stressful for me. I need a helpful/kind opponent. They are harder to find than you'd think.

I will be packing a board in the camper this summer. If we meet in a campground and you are an easygoing opponent with a solid grasp of the rules (or you're my mother), I'd like to have a game with you.

If cribbage isn't your game, I'd like to challenge you to a game of Scrabble :)



  1. I absolutely love to play cribbage but I feel the same way as you. I'm alittle slow at the math portion. That's why I like playing with my momma. She'll count it up in her head and see if I get the same answer. I guess that's what moms are for!! I hope you have fun on your first excursion this weekend.

  2. I love cribbage!! My ex's dad taught me about 10 years ago and I've loved it ever since. :)


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