May 17, 2011

Its my blog and I'll whine if I want to

Tiny violin playing a sad song just for me
I am sick. And kinda whiney.

Stoopid head cold + nasty cough and badda-bing I look/sound like I have the plague.

I forced myself to go to work yesterday and amid my sneezing and nose blowing there were cautious side glances from co-workers who were likely hoping I'd keep my germs to myself. I ended up putting a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk and using copious amounts of it.

So today I have elected to stay home from work, which for the record I hate doing. I have my OTC cold meds, multiple boxes of tissues, a fresh jug of Raspberry Ice Crystal Light in the fridge and an unlimited supply of doggy-snuggles.

I am on my computer at the moment while upstairs my poor pillowcase dries out from a night of Beth-the-stuffed-up-mouth-breather drooling all over it. My bed is the coziest place of all though, and the idea of crawling back into it holds more appeal than just about anything else. Even pie.

So... I rest; I take the aforementioned meds; I blow my already sore nose; I drink lots of fluids; I cuddle the dog (I'm sure the cat sends her love from her bed across the room); I try to feel better. And as soon as I psyche myself up for it, I will use ye olde Neti Pot to try and relieve some sinus pressure.

A friend of mine just advised me that Davids Tea sells a tea for sickies like me. After browsing their website, I think it might be this one. There is a Davids Tea super close to work, but as I am nowhere near there today, I will stick to what is in the cupboard.

Lets all cross our fingers I get better real quick. I am a grumpy sick person and besides, He-of-the-good-ideas and I have fun plans this weekend, first camping trip of the season with some great friends! So yeah, my immune system better buck up!


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