May 5, 2011

The start of my pumpkin crop

It's springtime... not that you'd guess it by the temperature outside. However the amount of rain that is falling sure does serve as a good reminder that it is spring in Nova Scotia!!

At any rate, I am getting anxious to do some yard and garden work but the weather just hasn't been on my side. So I decided to let my green thumb do a little bit of work by starting some seeds indoors. I am growing pumpkins, cucumbers, broccoli, parsley and green beans (so far).

The "crop" I am most excited about is the pumpkins! Other than my "oops" of planting the seeds upside down (I know, I know and I totally knew better) the plants are growing strong and healthy! If we get any sun this weekend (not holding my breath) I will start hardening off the seedlings so they can live outside!


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  1. I wish I had a yard TO plant stuff in. Maybe in a few years...


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