May 24, 2011


Today is a special day in this house.

Three years ago today, He-of-the-good-ideas and I said "I do". Awww.

According to the interwebz, the modern/traditional gifts for the third anniversary are leather, crystal and glass. We didn't give each other gifts but I gave him a card, he gave me 2 dozen roses (so pretty!) and we are about to jump into renovating our kitchen. Working in a lovely new kitchen will be the best gift ever!

To mark the day, we went out for supper. We went to the Boston Pizza near our home and each had awesome meals (him - deluxe pizza, me - chicken parm) and generally enjoyed our night out. We had a great waitress and she happily indulged me and took a photo of us for posterity (for me, not for her, that's just weird)...

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY He-of-the-good-ideas! I love ya!


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