January 18, 2011

For the love of Frittata

I love breakfast... to say it is one of the most important meals of the day is something I wholeheartedly believe. If I don’t eat before work I am a surly bear who gets wild headaches, and on weekends I love the opportunity to eat more than a bagel/toast/cereal.
When I knew my mom was going to be with us for breakfast on Christmas morning, I knew I wanted something more than just bacon and eggs so I picked up one of our local grocery store flyers and saw a recipe for a frittata. Hmmm I thought, He-of-the-good-ideas doesn’t eat eggs (super picky, it’s crazy) and Santa was bringing him a griddle for pancakes anyhow, so I was sold on the idea of a frittata. Then as luck would have it, my friend Stacey posted a recipe for a frittata on her blog and I liked it even better than the one I had. But since I can’t leave anything alone, I tweaked the recipe to suit my tastes. It turned out AWESOME!
So this past Sunday, I decided to make the frittata again and this time I have leftovers for breakfast for the rest of the week!
For my fritatta you'll need: 4 eggs, 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup milk, an onion (that I only use about a quarter of), about a cup of cheese (who am I kidding, more than that!), 2 cups frozen hash browns, around a cup of ham from the deli, salt and pepper to taste

First thing you'll want to do is grease the dish you'll be baking the frittata in. You may notice, I forgot this step. I was awfully eager to get started and get nomming!

Crack your eggs into the dish...

Pretend they're whisked, this is the "before" shot

Whisk them with a fork and add in the milk and mayo and chopped onion

Best measuring device ever!!

Pretend this is minced... my eyes were tearing too bad to take a picture

Add in the ham

At this point in the process, the mixture looks pretty gross... no pictures!

But now add in your 2 cups of frozen hash browns

Mix together well! At this point, you can bake it now or you can cover the dish with plastic wrap (unless you're lucky and have one of those casserole dishes with the matching cover) and pop it in your fridge overnight for tomorrow's breakfast.

Smother it in cheese, I happened to pinch a few nibbles of cheese to satisfy my lurve of cheese!

If it will fit, I bake most everything in my toaster oven... its a lovely Black & Decker Convection toaster oven that will eaily bake a 12" pizza. Oh, and I apologise for the crumbs/smudges on my toaster oven, it is a well used appliance!

 Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes

Let sit for about 10 minutes on the counter or place on a cooling rack, it makes it easier to cut. It makes about 6 ideal servings

 Now tell me that doesn't look delicious!

As always, feel free to tweak the recipe to suit your own taste. Sausage, bacon, chopped tomatoes, green/red peppers, spinach could all be good ingredients... the options are endless. And with a belly full of protien and nutrients, you'll be ready to tackle the day!

I've been heating up the leftovers for breakfast at work each morning so far this week, so running a bit behind is no reason to avoid eating breakfast!


  1. I love these step by step recipes!! You make it looks so easy and delicious :)

  2. I'm totally going to try this! Thanks for including the step by step instructions.

  3. Momma has raved about this frittata and I'm totally stoked to make it myself...once I buy eggs! :-)


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