January 27, 2011

One of these days I’ll have to get in by crawling through the hatch

To say that my car is vintage would be nice, and you might think I have some groovy old stylish character car. In reality, the car I putt around in is a 1994 Firefly. It is as basic as they come. Two door, hatchback, 3 cylinders. No power anything! It has Armstrong Steering*, crank handle windows and all 3 cylinders sing a song of urgency when I’m whipping down the highway. It does have one creature comfort though; two winters ago my friend Glenn installed a car starter in it, which is just lovely on very cold days!

It is a good little car though, and I can tuck it into pretty much any parking space when I venture out into the big-wide-world. When I got it a couple years ago, it had just under 77,000km on it. It was literally driven by a little old lady on Sundays… my Grandma! She had always said when she was done driving; she would give me her car. As she is a sprightly elderly woman, I didn’t have any idea when that would be. But a couple years ago, she called up and said she was done driving and her car was mine if I wanted it. So off we went to the DMV, signed some papers and I came home with The SuperFly!

But now, it is 2011 and the car is getting a bit aged and things are starting to go. Most notably: the window seals which give me frost on the INSIDE of the windows on cold days (let me tell you, THAT is a bitch to scrape), and the door locks. When I went to go out last night I put my lock in the driver’s side door and tried to turn… nothing. Went to the passenger side, same story. Back to the driver’s side with some prayer and a few choice cuss words on my lips and by some stroke of luck the lock popped.

A few hours later when I went to get in my car to go home, same story. Now, it has been pretty cold lately, and standing outside at night in a parking lot monkeying with my key in the door lock is not high on my list of things to do, especially in winter! As I stood there praying (ahem, cussing) that the door lock would decide to unlock itself I looked back at the hatch. That lock always works. The car gods were smiling on me though, and I got in through the door. However I am not looking forward to the day that the door locks give up on my completely and I am left to get into my car by crawling in through the hatch. I just hope I’m not wearing a skirt at the time…

*Armstrong Steering = me making my noodle arms use great effort to turn the steering wheel, especially when it is cold outside!


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  1. OMG, you need to post a picture of this infamous car. And you should also be sure to get a picture the day you do have to crawl in thru the hatch because you KNOW it's inevitable. :)


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