January 31, 2011

It's a Baby Shower (a.k.a. I'm gonna be an Auntie again!)

Yesterday was a celebration day!

The younger sister of He-of-the-good-ideas is due to have her second baby, due the 17th of February, and a whole bunch of ladies got together to celebrate her and her soon to be born baby girl (yep, they found out the gender of this baby, bring on the pink!)

I decided I didn't want a storebought card, so I broke out the scrapbooking supplies (no, I don't actually scrapbook, but I love all the supplies!) and made a card!

The moment I saw this outfit I HAD to buy it for the future niece. And come on... polka dotted outfit and polka dotted card? Cute, yes?! :) Oh, and a Care Bear. Remember Care Bears? She needed a Care Bear. This generation NEEDS to know Care Bears! (sing it with me... "Who's that coming, from somewhere up in the sky?")

So I packed up my camera (50mm lens love!) and hit the road! It is no secret that I am not the main driver in my relationship and I am mostly a happy passenger, but with He-of-the-good-ideas gone for the weekend I hopped in my little car and struck out for an hour long jaunt on the highway. That little tin can isn't the smoothest ride but it got me there and home. It didn't even bat an eye at the snow I drove through on the way home, though I had and extra tight grip on the wheel for a bit.

Every guest received a candy pacifier (don't eat, they're glued together, bummer) to wear and if you crossed you legs/ankles another observant guest could take it! The girl who took mine collected 5 others. She was very observant and was happy when the game was over and could cross her legs when she sat!

And then there was the food. Oh my, the food. I actually took multiple pictures of the food and ate more platefuls than I care to admit but here is a picture of a small portion of what was offered (there were two more tables full!)

And my SIL got a heap of beautiful PINK presents for the new bambina!!

Now all we have to do is wait a few weeks to meet her! 


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  1. holy smokes....that little outfit is just FAB. makes me want to have another. =)


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