January 8, 2011

Looking Back - 2010 in Photos

So at the end of each calendar year, all over the internet, there are various lists of things to look back on and remember. There are news items, celebrity happenings, tragedies, celebrations and countless others. Just this morning I came across the following on

"2010 in Photos: As the year 2010 approaches its last few days, it's time to look back on the previous 12 months. In the last third of 2010, Wikileaks released hundreds of classified diplomatic cables, 33 men were rescued from a mine after being trapped for 10 weeks, protesters took to the streets all over the world, and so much more. Each photo tells its own tale, weaving together into the larger story of 2010. This is a multi-entry story, 120 photographs over three days."

A statue and a torn Thai national flag remain in front of Bangkok's Central World shopping mall, which was gutted by fire after army soldiers advanced towards an encampment of thousands of "Red Shirt" protesters who had been occupying parts of Bangkok on May 19, 2010. (REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

Now, disclosure. Some of the images are hard to look at. The ones that offer a disclaimer, deserve it but they also deserve to be seen. Some images are terrible (in content, not skill) and some incredible. So take a deep breat, and take a look back.

PART 1 *

** PART 2 **

*** PART 3 ***

I wonder what inspirational/awful things there will be to look back on at the end of this year...

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