February 2, 2011

Happy Furry Prognosticator Day!

It is the second day of February. As such, it's the day when we look to a member of the rodent family – the groundhog – to allow us to blindly celebrate or curse the reaction of said rodent to his shadow. WTF. What sort of people are we that celebrate this perfectly weird thing? I grew up hearing about Shubenacadie Sam and watched the news every February 2nd to see if he saw his shadow.

My region is in the middle of a wild snowstorm right now, but it didn’t start till just after lunch and it would seem that we are set to have an early spring. We shall see!
Oh that snowstorm... well, this was our deck a couple hours ago:

The snow has been falling steadily since and the table is even deeper under a snow duvet. It was a great time to hang out in a got tub though! However getting out was really hard!!

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!


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