February 17, 2011

Delicious calories in a bowl!

Tonight we decided it was a good idea to get rid of some more of the turkey in the fridge. It takes two people a while to go through as much leftover turkey as we had! The rest of the turkey meat is being chopped up and frozen tonight so it can be brought out at a future date to be made into something yummy.

So it was deemed that McCain shoestring oven fries would be the companion to tonight's turkey feast. On my bus trip home, I got to thinking... I have leftover gravy in the fridge as well as some mozzarella cheese, and oooh that will be all kinds of delicious combined! It might be a bastardization of traditional poutine, but MAN it was good!

Chopped turkey, fries, small cubes of mozzarella, gravy and some pepper


And no, I am not ever considering the amount of delicious fat and calories in this supper, I just enjoyed it. However I now I feel as though I though I should go eat a stalk of celery or a green pepper or something.


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