February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to mah Hubby!!

Today, He-of-the-good-ideas has a birthday.

He is my sweetheart, my rock, my cheerleader, my confidant... the most sweet and wonderful man and I am blessed to call him my friend and my husband.

He asked for one thing for his birthday. He never asks for anything for his birthday. But this year he sent me an email from work saying he would really like Apple TV for his birthday gift. I knew nothing of what it was or what it did, but he said he really wanted it so I decided he should have it! I went online and ordered it right away and it was in my hands 4 business days later!

So today after we got home from work, I gave him a card with a clue, that led him to his first gift (a new cutting board) that I had taped another clue on that led him to the wrapped Apple TV hidden in the shower. He's a very happy guy and I'm really glad he loves his presents!

Happy birthday darlin! I love you!


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