February 20, 2011

I'm getting too old to party like this...

I planned on making a nice blog post this Sunday about something I made from my kitchen or my sewing machine. Instead, after I got home from my night away all I managed was showering and napping and watching NASCAR with He-of-the-good-ideas. I don't party much anymore and the combination of a late night and alcohol has left me with a tinge of a hangover reminiscent of days gone by. I doubt my tolerance is improving, I'm just better at pacing myself.

Last night I was out with a wonderful group of women for a Girls Night Out event hosted by the Pictou County chapter of the Canadian Progress Club. The theme of the night was "Little Black Dress" and we all dressed for the occassion in pretty black dresses and cute shoes. A few of us even stood out by wearing black bow-ties. It was a blast! I mean, the "adult entertainment" that was on stage was a bit more than we expected but the girls I was with made the night so much fun. I wish I was making a post that included pictures but I didn't bring my camera and I don't have any from the girls I was out with. If any that are publish-able come my way, I'll update this post.

Things learned:
- forgetting to take my lactose-intolerance pills can be very bad
- moonshine + peach jello = devestatingly yummy shooters
- Dr. Scholls Fast Flats are brilliant and every woman needs to know about them
- four male strippers shaking their packages on stage gets boring
- being the first people on the dance floor means you're here to party!
- Four women can push a taxi out of a snowbank at 1am like nobodys business

I met so many wonderful women last night, and I regrettably don't remember everyone's names but I would definately spend time with each and every one of them again. Thank you so much to all of you for being such a big part of my weekend!


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