February 8, 2011

Sick Day DIY

Yesterday I stayed home from work with some sort of icky stomach bug. It seems to have (mostly) passed and I am still not 100% but I went in to work today since the thought of my work potentially building up gives me hives.
Even though yesterday was a day of weak tea and doggie snuggles, I actually took the chance to poke through a few things in my sewing/craft/yoga room.
Firstly, I repurposed an empty salad dressing jar that He-of-the-good-ideas sighed when I washed and kept once it was empty. Now it has a nice sparkly ribbon affixed to the lid and it holds hot-glue sticks. Useful and pretty! Packrats unite!

Then I made this...

... srsly cute pincushion! It is an empty tuna can with popping corn in the bottom (for weight) and a scrap of fabric stuffed with the innards of a dog toy that didn’t make it. Oh, and a piece of black satin ribbon to help disguise the can. I really could have taken more time to make the ribbon look more polished, but I was feeling cruddy and just wanted results in my hands.
Then I spied my collection on thread on the windowsill.

I have asked He-of-the-good-ideas to make me a spool rack and he says he will. I believe him; I just don’t know that I will see it completed and hanging up any time soon. Since it isn’t good for thread to live in direct sunlight like it has been, I figured the spools would be best boxed up.

(Oh, the H on some of the spools is a reminder to me that there is only a little bit left on the spool and to only use it for hand sewing)
The box itself was saved from Christmas because it reminds me of the surprise and glee I felt when I first unwrapped it. I was (am) the happy recipient of a pretty Coach wristlet that He-of-the-good-ideas thought of all on his own! Clever husband.

Then I stuck pins in my new pincushion

And with my work surface all nice and tidy, I felt the urge to cut some fabric. So I made a scrunchie. Yes, I said a scrunchie.

Why a scrunchie you ask? I mean the 90’s are far behind us and I am not stuck in a time warp. Well, if I shower and dry my hair before bed, when I wake up in the morning I am met with a shockingly unflattering nest of hair. Tying it back with an elastic leaves that kink in my hair that I am not a fan of, and a scrunchie seemed like a good solution. So another scrap of fabric from my stash was hauled out, trimmed and cut and stitched into a hair accessory worthy of slouch socks and off the shoulder sweatshirts!

Let’s not forget the scrunchie as a fashion accessory!

Now I am one totally rad stylin’ sleepin gal!
As far as sick days go, it was pretty "meh" but I did accomplish a couple things while puttering around and staying close to that room with porcelain throne.


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