February 14, 2011

It's Love -n- Smooches Day

In keeping with our non-traditional tradition,
we placed our annual order for heart shaped pizzas from Boston Pizza!

We usually share one but this year we decided to order two,
so each of us got our favourites!

He-of-the-good-ideas got the Deluxe:

And I got Hawaiian!

We exchanged cards and He-of-the-good-ideas managed to make his meaningful and funny at the same time. He's a really great card chooser. Yup, I'm a lucky gal.

Oh, and he got me a plant. Neither of us have any idea what it is as the little care tag isn't in the soil so I'll have to do some research, but if you know what it is, please leave me a comment and let me know!

And our favourite furry Valentine even posed for me :)

No chocolate plz, just belly rubs!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!


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